About us

Company building

Singular culture and values dedicated to a special purpose

“La Maison is an investment company that enhances its singularity to accomplish what we define as “a mission”.

We will work on keeping our “boutique style” spirit no matter what pace of growth we accomplish, growing without changing.

Thanks to the incredibly close and friendly relationship, we nurture with our shareholders, their families and our management we leverage everyday our Club in everyone’s best and aligned interest.

Within all our fields of investment starting from private banking, asset management and real estate, to venture technology investments, we focus on being “the early birds catching the worm”.

The particular culture that naturally defines our mission motivates a particular feeling of brotherhood and fraternity within our Club, La Maison.

La Maison is always looking for under the radar projects, that needs a “French haute couture touch”, reactivity in analyzing and executing that big institutions or industrialized process could not conduct.”


Michel Cicurel - Founding Partner



Communnication tower technology
Arcchitexture building by Christian Perner

Holding La Maison

Brings together the founding shareholders and forms the club


Has 125 million EUR in equity and only uses leverage up to a limit of 15%


Diversifies following 3 areas of investment:


  • Venture capital : in the 3 global technology hubs which are Israel, Sillicon Valley and China, by investing in the capital of growth stage companies

  • Financing of real estate transactions seeking a rapid return (18 - 36 months)

  • Asset / Wealth Management through the creation of partnerships with leading players in the financial industry : UBS, Amundi, Eurazeo ...


La Maison Partners, 

management company

Subsidiary company specializing in venture capital

Dedicated to new technologies

Manages investment vehicles that deployed around 500 million USD in the 3 main technology hubs

Through 3 geographic vehicles and a sectorial vehicle:


  • La Maison Israel Technology Fund 1 and 2

  • La Maison Silicon Valley

  • La Maison Opportunities in China

  • La Maison Growth Tech4Fin


cedric-letsch Luxembourg city.jpg


Creation of La Maison, an evergreen Luxembourg investment holding company

Takeover of Banque Leonardo, which became UBS La Maison de Gestion in 2017